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Council to discuss issue of feeding the homeless


On Thursday, Lubbock City Council will meet to discuss issues including feeding the homeless. About a month ago, one Lubbock couple was told they weren't allowed to feed the homeless in the community without a food permit.  The issue struck a chord with Councilman Todd Klein and he wants to see if there can be a proposed amendment to the city ordinance on food preparation. 

Klein believes if people are at an event free of charge and food is readily available, then it becomes an issue of common sense.  The amendment would create a new law protecting charitable and communal events.

Councilman Klein states,  "I'd like to see ideally a full carve out for anything involving a charitable or communal event in which the participants are not being charged.  Its just that simple, its not complicated."

If the amendment passes on first reading, then it will have to pass one more reading to become law.

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