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Smartphones can cause eye strain

Do you ever feel like you're straining to read a text or operate a small hand-held screen?  If that hasn't happened yet, it probably will. As more than three-quarters of America is plugged into the internet, the number of users reporting eye strain is already about 90 percent.

Optometrist Dr. Jeffrey Hankin said, "Especially low far-sighted people those are the people that typically don't wear glasses for distance until they hit their forties. Those people will get some eye strain as they use their eyes more and more on a smart phone especially very close."

The study from Optometrist and Vision Science recommends eye doctors change the way they prescribe to adjust for reading small text at shorter distances. That's because their studies have shown that people tend to hold their electronic devices closer than they would to read a book or the newspaper.   With that concentrated focus, your blink rate may slow down, so your eyes get dry faster, which can lead to eye strain.

As technology gets bigger, the print gets smaller, and Dr. Hankins says young people are not protected by their age. Even teens and young adults develop eye strain, so the study suggests increasing the font size on your screen is not just a good trick for older eyes.  A bigger font size, no matter what your age, will give your eyes a break and help them focus without straining.

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