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Lubbock 12-year-old gives toys and prayers to children in hospital

She is small for her age, but her heart is bigger than most.  Lubbock 12-year-old Majesty Caballero is on a mission to bring joy and health to children staying in the hospital… a feeling she knows all too well.

At age two Majesty was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease, a disease affecter her liver, and has been in and out of the hospital her whole life. Just a year ago, she started to feel better.

"God told me one day that I need to bless kids and pray for them. So, I came up with this idea of praying and giving them toys. It's been a good opportunity, and I'm happy about it," said Majesty.

It's called Majesty's Mission, and for about a month she has been collecting new toys and money donations at her church. She never expected such a big turnout. "They donated toys, and lots of people donated money. Yesterday we went to Toys R Us and we had like $200 to buy lots of toys. It was crazy," she laughed.

On Thursday afternoon Majesty and her mother, a Covenant nurse, walked the halls handing out toys in the Children's Hospital, a place she used to call home for months at a time. "It's fun to see their faces. They just light up when they see the toy and it feels good," she said smiling.

While she handed out the toys she also kneeled down and prayed for the families. "Please bless him, whatever he's going through that he be ok and come out of here as quick as possible. Please protect him and always be with him and let angels be around him," she prayed.

Majesty says she plans on bring even more smiles in the future, as long as it's what God has in store for her. "Whatever God's plan is for me to go next… I'll go where ever. If he plans on me doing this the rest of my life then I will," said Majesty.

If you would like to help with donations to Majesty's Mission you can email or call 806-224-9009.

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