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HealthWise at 5 From 11.14

  • HIV Study

New evidence shows that a naturally occurring chemical in the body may actually be a potent weapon against the AIDS virus. Who would have guessed that mother nature would put it in the mouth? Doctor Aaron Weinberg, a Dentist and Microbiologist at Case Western Reserve University wanted to find out why mouth wounds healed so fast and why HIV rarely transmits orally. His research team discovered the power of Beta Defensins, the body's own antibiotic.

Dr. Weinberg says that areas that are more susceptible to HIV infection like the vaginal tract or the colorectal epithelium. Those sites do not inherently produce the Beta Defensins under normal conditions. You need to be wounded there in order to get Beta Defensins to release, but if you're wounded, HIV already has an entry. But in the mouth, Beta Defensins are always active fighting disease. So, when researchers introduced HIV there, the Beta Defensins not only exploded in number preventing HIV from entering the body, but they also attacked the virus.

While more research is needed, researchers hope the future may produce a Beta Defensin cream or condom to stop HIV in its tracks. Researchers at Cleveland Clinic say the amount of lab work they have focused on Beta Defensins has greatly increased since this discovery.

  • Fitness Decline

Just because you've been exercising regularly, doesn't mean you can quit and bank your fitness for a while. U.C. Wellness experts say exercisers that stop their workout routine for vacation or whatever break they need end up with a quick decline in their aerobic and muscle buildup. So, they suggest if you need to change your current workout schedule, try to cut back rather than cut out your routine altogether because even a small commitment will help you maintain what you've been working on.

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