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Kickstands go up for the Breast Ride Ever

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Dozens of motorcycle riders rallied together today to raise awareness and money for cancer. It's called the Breast Ride Ever. The group consists of 43 women who ride 2,500 miles a year. The group rides around the south raising awareness and money and Saturday they were selling shirts, bracelets, and more. All of that money goes to cancer research and patients here on the South Plains.

"When you get out here and you start talking to these people you realize how much cancer has effected people, I lost a son 11 years ago to testicular cancer which is my purple ribbon" Becky Carroway, an organizer of Saturday's ride, says about the purple ribbon tied around her arm. The parking lot of Jake's Sports Bar was full of motorcycles and pink wearing supporters with arm bands tied on in remembrance of lost loved ones.

"Cancer is a dreaded horrible disease and our hearts desire is to find a cure" Carroway says. Donations come in from each rider there, and that will really add up. "It touches my heart, you cannot imagine how important it is. It's important not only for each and every one of us because everyone here has their own story" Carroway says. "My father passed away from breast cancer, my sister had pancreatic cancer, my brother had Lymphoma and my mother in law is a colon cancer survivor" Cindy Gregg, a rider Saturday, says, and Heather Brockman pitches in saying: "I wear pink for my mom!"

The disease has changed so many lives and each motorcycle rider here hopes to make that number drop. A portion of the money raised by the Breast Ride Ever team will be given to women who cannot afford mammograms and another portion is going to help patients with basic household needs like cleaning up and getting groceries. "We need to do something about it, we need to cure it" Gregg says. It's a mission the Lubbock community is really taking to heart. "When you start seeing people step up like this and everybody says the world is a hard place right now, it's really not, you can look at all of these people and you can talk to them and every one of them will tell you their own story" Carroway says.

Last year the team raised $22,000 for breast cancer and all of that money stays here for patients and research in the area. They're hoping to collect even more this year.

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