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Emotional Eating

When you're feeling low, a scoop of ice cream can sure perk things up. But for some, eating to sooth emotions is a crutch that can turn into a persistent weight problem. And that's the focus of a new book called "Life is Hard...Food is Easy.

"It started when my mom and dad, they passed away," says Barbara Taczala.

Deep sadness turned into a weight problem for Barbara Taczala. She relied on sweets for comfort.

But instead of feeling better, she packed on the pounds.

"It was what can I fix it with right now? Reaching for anything and everything," says Barbara.

Linda Spancle was once an emotional eater like Barbara. Now, instead of reaching for food, she plays the piano.

"It's as though my stress goes out of my fingers," says Linda.

She is also a weight loss coach. In her new book, "Life is Hard...Food is Easy," she helps others overcome emotional eating.

"Your emotional eating is really anytime you reach for food when you're not physically hungry or needing nutrition," says Linda.

The book is a five-step plan designed to help you get to the bottom of your emotion. One hint? Check out the food you crave.

Is it something chewy or crunchy?

"That's going to be things like stress, anger, and frustration," says Linda.

Or is it smooth and creamy?

"That's going to be things like loneliness or depression or boredom or restlessness," says Linda.

Barbara says the book helped her. Now, she's back to her old weight. And instead of reaching for Ben and Jerry's...

"I have a new habit. It's exercising with my kids," says Barbara Taczala.

That's the best idea -- exercising, but if you want to read more about emotional eating, this book is called "Life is Hard...Food is Easy," and it's availble at Barnes and Noble.

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