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Lubbock Man Uses Disability to Bless Others

When faced with a disability, having faith can be difficult, but one Lubbock man uses his disability to bless others.

Allen Johnson is a special man with a special hobby. He spends all of his time making crafts out of wood, and he says each beautiful piece is a testimony of his life, his faith, and the Power of Prayer.

Each beautiful piece of wooden art in his room is made entirely by hand. From wooden trains to stage coaches, every intricate detail is put there by the hands of Allen Johnson.

"We have trucks and trains and windmills, tractors, a little bit of everything, pump jacks, cotton trailers, and cotton strippers and combines," says Allen.

All of them created entirely from memories of growing up on a farm as a child. Memory is the only tool Allen has to build his creations because Allen is blind, and he has been for the past 25 years because of a degenerative eye disease.

"I don't have any usable vision in the sense of seeing anything other than telling if it's dark and light," says Allen.

He says it wasn't until he lost his sight that he realized he had both a talent and a job given to him by God -- and as for his disability, Allen calls it a blessing.

"When they (customers) come by, they're astounded because they don't realize that God's hands are in this more than mine, because his talent and his abilities have allowed me to do these in order to have a medium in which to come to people to speak to them," say Allen.

"But I can honestly tell you with a true and honest heart there is no blessing God has placed on me that's greater than blindness, outside of salvation and my family"

For Allen, it's given him the opportunity to tell others about God and show them proof that anything is possible with the Lord's help.

"You know in order to be a witness for the Lord you don't have to be a great theologian or good speaker or well based in the Bible, all you have to do is just be honest and tell what he does in your heart in your life and he's truly there for each of us if we allow it," says Allen.

Allen says for him, prayer is the biggest tool he has to communicate with God, and when he runs into a problem, God shows him what to do to make each piece near perfect. Though he can't see the end results of his amazing work, he knows he's teaching others about God and the Power of Prayer.

"Prayer is one of the most powerful things we have in relation to God and all our problems here. He can take and solve through the prayer we give to him. It's not the pieces here that are important. It's the power that goes to make it. Jesus is all we need if we'll just let him in," says Allen.

Allen lives here in Lubbock with his wife Lea, and they both work together to use their talents to minister to others all over the world. Allen's work has reached people as far as Europe and even across the United States.

Every item Allen constructs is a small testimony of his never ending faith.

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