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LEDA expansion projects could bring 160 new jobs


The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance Inc. announced Monday they will bring 5 new expansion projects to Lubbock creating 160 new jobs, with more than $6.6 million in annual salaries.

Kenny McKay, the Vice President of LEDA, says they are giving businesses to grow and create jobs for graduates to stay. McKay says the jobs and salaries promised will be paid out over a five year period. The expansion will add $2.2 million in Capital Investments for Lubbock.

ARMTech Insurance Services is one of the businesses expanding. They manage crop insurance through software and technology. They will add 24 new claim verifiers and software programmers. The annual salaries will total $840,000.

"Texas being our largest premium volume state and with the extreme drought, we are pleased to provide crop insurance to farmers in a year when they need it the most," said ARMTech Representative, Christie Bracey.

Next, Caprock Health Plans provides health administration services to business, school and governmental entities. They will add 34 jobs consisting of claims examiners and sales, with the annual salaries of $1,478,980.  

"We've almost doubled our employees in the last three years," said Caprock Health Plans CEO, Thaxter Price.

Also, Infection Controls, Inc. consists of biologist and microbiologist that do research to control the escalating rate of infection such as MRSA and c.diff. They will add 38 jobs totaling $1,823,000 with a capital investment of more than $1 million.

"We need microbiologists, we probably need nurse consultants, medical directors and food scientists," said Infection Controls, Inc. Founder, Rodney Madsen.

Scott Manufacturing is another expanding business. They were awarded a new contract to build heavy-haul trailers for Canada. That contract will allow them to add 55 new welders and pipe-fitters with new annual salaries totaling $2.2 million.

Finally, Electracom Supply, Inc. is a wholesale distributor for electronic and electrical medical supplies. Current expansion plans call for a new 6,000 square foot building with a capital investment of $500,000. They plan on hiring    9 new employees with accounting and distribution skills. The annual salaries total $296,000.

"We are pleased to keep our headquarters in Lubbock," said Electracom Supply, Inc. Representative, Randall Kay.

McKay says all of these companies are already based in Lubbock.

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