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Christie has won her battle with cancer

Her CarePage says in big letters tonight that "CHRISTIE HAS WON THIS BATTLE!" The update comes from Dr. Ronelle Burley, on the death of Christie Devitt this morning.

Christie was the little ball of fire with curly red hair. You first met her four years ago when she asked us to profile her journey through chemotherapy. Not only did she find out she had stage 3 breast cancer at age 29, but she was two months pregnant.

She wanted people to know that doctors today can make a chemo plan powerful enough to kill the cancer, but safe enough to protect the baby. It worked on both counts.

After Christie delivered Laney Grace, an MRI showed that she was cancer free.  Christie and husband, Brent, could celebrate with their new baby and their little boy, Connor.   

Earlier this summer, cancer showed up in the bone. This time, it was very aggressive.  

Christie died this morning.

In her short life, she influenced thousands.   Her campaign is to get more women screened for breast cancer, and she inspired even more than that through her unwavering testimony of faith.  

Christie Truelock Devitt was 33 years old.

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