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Consider This...Biggest Back-to-school Item


Hard to believe another summer has almost come and gone. You can see evidence of that as parents are busy shopping for school clothes and supplies. As most area students go back to school next Monday, we should remember one of the biggest changes this time of year: these lights go from dark to blinking yellow.

Consider this:

We're all used to driving normal speeds through the school zones in the summer, and next week that all changes. Combine that with the bad habit of texting or talking on our cell phones and the consequences could be tragic.

I'd challenge you all to add one item to your back-to-school list this week. Put a note somewhere in your car that reminds you to slow down and put your cell phone down in school zones. Better yet, turn it off all together. Whoever it is, they can wait.  Using cell phones in school zones is against the law for a reason.

Our lives moves fast, our information moves fast. Come Monday let's all chose not to let those two things crash together.

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