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Board of Health member to propose saving city clinics


The Board of Health will hear citizen comments on the city manager's proposed plan to close the City of Lubbock Health Department on Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Board Member Dr. Brian Carr has placed the following resolution as an action item on the Board of Health agenda for Friday's meeting:

Be it resolved that the Board of Health, in seeking to provide for public input and a collection of information, desires to put forth alternatives to the current action being taken, in the following:

i.      That discussion be opened with the Lubbock County Commissioners and members of the Lubbock County Hospital District in order to provide for a more comprehensive approach to providing for the health of our citizens.

ii.      That a proposal be made to re-establish a City-County Health Services as had previously existed allowing for a pooling of resource and service.

iii.      That the Health Board is in agreement with the relocation of the following current health dept services

1.       Relocation of Vital Records to other city property

2.       Relocation of the Bioterrorism Lab to Texas Tech Health Science Center

3.       Relocation of Food Safety and Inspection to other city departments

4.       Relocation of other laboratory services to other city departments

iv.      That the Health Board is not supportive of the termination of services in their present form and location for the following:

1.       Immunization Services

2.       Sexually Transmitted Disease Services

v.      That discussions take place with the County Commissioners as well as other health care facilities seeking to find a more cost effective building to house the health dept

1.       Covenant Health Systems currently has two closed clinics at 34th and I-27 and 50th and Ave Q that would be well-suited for the clinical services

2.       Alternatively that the current health dept building be better utilized by relocating city services there as opposed to the current plan to lease space from Lubbock County for those departments.

vi.      That discussion take place with the members of the Lubbock County Hospital District seeking financial support for operational costs to provide for a new, smaller clinic. The District has run a surplus in their funding and, given the negative economic impact the District will likely sustain under the present plan, they may be open to assisting in providing for those funds called for over and above the grant monies already awarded.

1.       Given that the bioterrorism lab will remain in the current health dept building for at least six months even short-term funding to maintain current services would be minimal compared to the cost of increased hospitalization costs resulting from barriers to care and reduced citizen compliance in obtaining immunization or treatment.

vii.      That the Board of Health appoint a sub-committee to gather input and provide guidance in the following areas:

1.       Identifying the role and responsibilities of the to be created "Health Unit Director" if services are to be terminated as currently proposed. At the present time there are no defined guidelines concerning this position.

2.       Discuss concerns about the management of grants that flow from the city to agencies not directly under the control of the city

3.       Identify quality assurance and improvement standards to be maintained in either the existing action or in proposed actions yet to be established


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