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Suspect identified in fatal hit-and-run accident

KCBD has obtained the name of the person suspected of driving the vehicle that struck and killed Jose Trejo in late July. Trejo's wife Jennifer was also injured in the accident.

Through an affidavit for a search warrant Lubbock Police say Lubbock resident Sammy Ortega, 25, admitted to driving the suspected vehicle through a statement to LPD.

Police found the suspect vehicle with blood and hair on it. The vehicle's condition was consistent with the scene of the accident. LPD says the driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident on July 28th.

Ortega has not been arrested or charged yet. In his statement to police, Ortega said he had given another man a ride before to the accident.

When police contacted that man to corroborate Ortega's story, he said he was not with Ortega prior to the crash. The man said the only knowledge he had of the incident was what Ortega had provided him to say, through a text message, if questioned.

Lubbock Police obtained a subpoena for Ortega's phone records. There was also a search warrant signed and executed Thursday.

We're told there were items seized and they're being processed at this time. Police hope to take action once the results from processing come in.

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