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LISD school buses now equipped with GPS technology

As parents prepare their children for school to begin Monday morning, area school buses are working to make sure they are up to par for the drive. A new hand-held gadget called ZONAR is offering up a safety checklist for bus drivers to help ensure the safety and maintenance of the school buses.

Durham School Services General Manager Andy Burton says the ZONAR device works as an electronic vehicle inspection report.

"What this will help us do, is make sure that we check all the things we need to check on the bus. That will allow us to get reports in a timely manner so we can maintain the buses," Burton said.

The device can track tire pressure, fluid levels, and the overall maintenance of the buses. In addition, it can also help bus drivers keep up with all of the kids who are on board the bus.

"The really neat thing about the ZONAR, is it's going to allow us to ensure that our drivers are doing their child checks. We're going to be able to see that they do that and check all the busses and don't leave any kids on the bus," Burton said.

The device can also act as a GPS tracking system.

"So, we'll be able to track the bus throughout the day and will know exactly where it's at," Burton said.

The technology, which is paid for by Durham School Services, will be on board all of the Lubbock ISD buses in their fleet this school year.

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