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Consider This..City Manager should answer all questions

I must say I am pretty disappointed in our City Manager. Last week LeeAnn Dumbauld appeared before a handful of citizens concerned over the impending closure of the City of Lubbock Health Department.

After making her "presentation," one of the volunteer Health Board members began to question the City Manager about possible alternatives. This is the response she gave:

CARR: "So your position would be…"

DUMBAULD: "Really, I'm done."

CARR: "OK, you're done. So you will not stay just to be here answering any more questions?"

DUMBAULD: "Dr. Carr, I've made my presentation. Thank you for having me."

As a citizen who pays her salary, I expect a City Manager to be a little more responsive and much less dismissive. That sort of attitude is all too common among bureaucrats. But, excuse me, taxpayers are concerned about you closing their Health Department and you're not answering their questions?

Consider this:

LeeAnn Dumbauld needs to remember who she works for. She works for the City Council on behalf of the citizens of the entire city. And when it comes to public health issues, her job should be to sit and answer every questions until all citizens are done asking. I don't know about you, but if I told my boss I didn't have time for his questions, I probably wouldn't have a job for very long. 

And I can only assume by their silence that City Council members endorse this kind of behavior. Well, I guarantee you most voters in this town disagree.  

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