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The EZ Stir: Does It Work?

Cooking is usually a two handed job, so wouldn't it be nice to have an extra hand in the kitchen? Now you can, with the EZ Stir...that is if it works.

This hands-free stirring device claims it will save you time, pain, and save food from burning. Let's power up and get going.

We'll be making homemade macaroni and cheese for this test. Inside your EZ Stir package you get three different paddles to accommodate different pan sizes.

With the spring action arms, I was able to fit the EZ Stir nice and snug on the pan. It basically works by batteries powering the paddle which glides on the bottom of the pan.

I added butter which started melting nicely as soon as I added it. Then, I added flour. It wasn't mixing so well, so I had to use a spoon. I added the rest of the ingredients and watched the EZ Stir in action.

And the real test was cheese, which mixed up well after a few minutes and never stuck to the pan.

Next, I removed the EZ Stir so I could add the macaroni. The finished product didn't look so appetizing, but the EZ Stir did exactly what it promised! It worked.

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