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A Day to Quit Smoking

More than half of Lubbock school children say they have used tobacco products at least once in their life.  That shocking statistic is according to a recent survey. Some say, they started as early as age 12, but early prevention can put a stop to that.

So, in honor of the 27th Annual Great American Smokeout, the ACS was distributing "quit smoking kits" at six locations across Lubbock. We visited just two of them, and in less than two hours, 50 of those kits were handed out to people who wanted to kick the habit.

They're just about everywhere you go, from Marlboro to Camels. Cigarettes...a product tantalizing and capturing adults and even our youth. "I had three teenage aunts who taught me how to smoke at the age of five," said Glenn Larson, volunteer. "I started smoking when I was 16 until I was 21," said Danielle Sorelle-Miner, Texas Tech Tobacco Prevention Center Marketing Assistant.

Glen smoked for 35 years, Danielle for five, and both are smoke-free for a total of almost 30 years. They know what it's like to quit.

The ACS is helping those who want to quit by handing out quit kits, brochures and hotline numbers for help. Guess who's helping them? "Are you going to try yourself?," asked Glenn Larson. "Me and my husband," said a woman reaching for brochures and two quit kits.

The ACS expects to hand out 550 quit kits in Lubbock, but if you weren't able to grab one, you can look into trying some over the counter remedies, from patches, to gum and lozenges. Also, to recognize your smoking habits and figure how to deal with it that way, suggests Sorelle-Miner. "One of the best ways to trying to get a handle on why you smoke and what your triggers are and what tempts you to smoke is to write it down every time you smoke. Why you're going to smoke so you can determine if its stress, or having a good time with friends...anything," she told NC11.

"I bought a bunch of Tic Tacs. My pockets were full of them, they would rattle everywhere I go. I would take as many as it took until it satisfied my craving," said Larson.

If you ask Glenn, he'll tell you that with a little bit of patience and willingness, you too can be successful just like him.

Here a the list of number for quitting resources:

  • City of Lubbock Health Department: 775-2940
  • Covenant Health Systems: 725-4386
  • Community Health Center: 765-2600
  • Tobacco Intervention Program at Texas Tech: 743-9423
  • For Tech students, Raider Assistance Program: 743-2860 ext. 292
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