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Hurricane Irene hits home

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As the storm moves up the east coast, residents in North Carolina are cleaning up the remnants. One Lubbock native was there when the storm pushed through. The strong swirl of wind and rain slammed into the North Carolina coast around 7:30 this morning leaving at least four dead. Kaye Cate, from Lubbock, made it through just fine, and shares her story of Irene.

"During the night we had bands of heavy rain and wind, we could hear the wind blowing the trees" Cate says. The weather couldn't be more different on the shoreline of North Carolina than her home-town here in Lubbock. Just five miles from the shore line of Oak Island, Cate hunkered down with her stock pile of food, water, prescriptions, and waited... "They made it sound like we were getting this really severe storm, I was nervous! Then when it started coming in and the winds started blowing and I was really worried" Cate says.

She spent 9 hours without power, and woke up to an almost unrecognizable scene. "We have a small creek that runs through our neighborhood, right now it looks like a river" Cate says. Roads have been closed because of debris, flooding, and downed power-lines. "We came to a place where the road was flooded and trucks were going through the water and the water would be level with the bottom of the vehicle" Cate says as she explains the flooding.

Cate says she's thankful it wasn't worse, and even wishes we could share in their rain: "I wish I could bottle some of this water up and send it to you guys".

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