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Risks Related to Oral Jewelry

Although some people consider them fashion statements, researchers are finding out that tongue piercings may prove to be hazardous to your gums, teeth, even to your heart, according to the American Dental Association, which warns that tongue piercings will likely lead first to problems with gum disease.

Dr. John Brooks, dentist at the University of Maryland, says that they found that the oral piercings can cause the gums to pull away from the root, potentially causing the tooth to be lost. The most common injury to the mouth from oral piercing is chipping or fracturing of the teeth themselves.

Dr. Brooks and his team at the University of Maryland Dental School examined young adults with oral jewelry and they found in many cases, that patients had some degree of receding gums, and inflammation of the gums, something that can lead to more serious side effects.

He adds that piercings introduce bacteria, even in small amounts into the body and that bacterial introduction can lead to a heart valve or heart infection.

For more information from the American Dental Association, you can (click here).

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