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Lubbock doctor arrested for intoxication manslaughter in teen's death

A Lubbock doctor is being charged with intoxication manslaughter in connection with the fatal car accident that killed a Lubbock teen and seriously injured another about two weeks ago.

Lubbock police say David Gonzalez-Gibler, 31, had a blood alcohol content almost twice the legal limit at 0.14 the night he flipped his car over the guardrail of Loop 289 near North Quaker.

Samantha Martinez, 19, was ejected and died at the scene. The front passenger 18-year-old Dawnyelle Rios was also ejected and sustained serious injuries.

"I want him to feel what we feel everyday of his life as long as he's alive, I want him to feel what we feel," said Victor Aguilar, Samantha's father.

Victor and Melissa Aguilar didn't find out that Gonzalez-Gibler was over the limit until about an hour after he had been arrested Tuesday afternoon in Webb County.

"Look at the outcome of this ... he is a bright man with a medical future in front of him. He'll never have that career again. My daughter will never even have the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming an OBGYN doctor like she wanted to be," said Melissa, Samantha's mother.

Even more shocking news, was when police told them Gonzalez-Gibler checked himself out of the hospital sometime last week against medical advice, and then left town. Police didn't even realize he was gone until the Lubbock District Attorney's office issued a warrant for his arrest with one count of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxication assault.

His information was entered into a statewide database, and on Tuesday afternoon DPS officials arrested him at a family member's home in Laredo.

"I am angry with him. I do forgive him, but I still believe that he's a coward for running instead of him facing his responsibility," said Victor.

"The first time I face him... I'll probably start crying because of his actions. My baby is no longer here and I'm just angry… angry… angry, but we forgive him. We have to forgive him," said Melissa.

A lot of mystery still surrounds why Gonzalez-Gibler was driving the two teens around late that night. Samantha's parents say they do not know him, and that Dawnyelle doesn't either.

Gonzalez-Gibler was held at the Webb County Jail with a $80,000 bond.  The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office will have ten days to bring him back to Lubbock.

Gonzalez-Gibler has privileges to practice medicine at University Medical Center but he was not an employee.

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