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Consider this... fees are nothing more than hidden taxes

In case you haven't heard, city leaders have once again increased the fees on your utility bills. Starting October 1st, we'll be paying more for water, sewer, garbage, and storm water.

Add the increases in Lubbock property taxes and the average family will be paying roughly $130 more a year for these basic necessities and that's what they are. Our elected officials know we can't live without things like sewer service and water, so they keep raising the fees because we have no choice and then they turn around and brag that they kept the tax rate the same.

Consider this:

These fees are nothing more than hidden taxes. $130 more a year may not sound like much for one family, but it will generate roughly 13 million dollars in additional money for city coffers. And if they are going to get this money out of us anyway, they might as well raise taxes to our face instead of these sneaky fee hikes. At least then we'd get the tax break for it.

So come election time, don't let a candidate of your choice get away with it. Don't let them say they are for smaller government and lower taxes if they allowed these out of control fee increases.

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