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Young Couple Finds Hope in Power of Prayer

For many couples, having a child can be both a blessing and a big responsibility, but for one Lubbock couple, having their little bundle of joy came much later than they anticipated.

Robert and Christina Barritt have been married for 12 years, but the last seven have been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster ride. That's because they say their dreams of having children were shattered not once, but twice. But today, they tell a much different story, a story of renewed faith, hope, and unconditional love, even in hard times through the Power of Prayer.

"You spend six months being ready to be a parent, and then suddenly, you don't get to bring anybody home. That was tough," says Christina.

For Christina and Robert Barritt, having children of their own is the biggest struggle they've ever faced. A seven year struggle to start a family that was more emotionally draining than it was physically. After two miscarriages, Christina and Robert tried fertility treatments but nothing seemed to work, so they turned to God for answers.

"It was a roller coaster in ways. You learn a lot about yourselves, about each other, what you're capable of going through, and a lot of soul searching," says Robert.

At times, they admit feeling angry at God, and turned to prayer for help in healing their broken hearts.

"The biggest prayer was, kind of, if we're not suppose to want the children, take that away but it just stayed and stayed," says Christina.

Now, almost seven years later, God's answer to their prayers came as both a shock and a blessing. They made the decision to adopt, and Christina and Robert stopped praying for themselves and started praying for others.

"It was important to us to have a child than to have a biological child, and as we opened ourselves to that, the prayers changed there, because then you start praying for birth mothers and the timing to be right," says Christina.

Just over a month ago, they received a phone call and instantly they became brand new parents of seven week-old Samuel, whose name means "gift" name they say represents their perfect little gift from God that arrived when his timing was perfect.

"This little guy right here is what he was preparing us for. It was his timing to be perfect for us to have this particular child," says Robert.

The Barritts say not only are they a stronger couple, but they are stronger Christians. And with the Power of Prayer, they're now able to pass on what they've learned to little Samuel.

"What's really hit home for me in the last month is to allow God more control to mold me, because I have a little boy who's gonna be watching me the whole time, and he's gonna know if I profess Christ as savior and lord, and he's gonna look at me and make sure everything matches up and that's a huge responsibility," says Robert.

"You want him to grow up to be the best person he can be and to know God, and you want to be a good example," says Christina.

The Barritts say they are considering adopting another child in the future, and they say it's not important having a biological child of their own, just a child they can love and help grow up in a Christian home.

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