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The FDA has recalled the Shoulder Flex Massager

The FDA has issued a warning to consumers, which is saying a home massage device could cause fatal injuries. It's called the Shoulder Flex Massager from King International.

Actually, the company has recalled them all, but the FDA says since nearly 12,000 have been sold in the last 8 years.  They have no idea how many could still be in use, or even picked up at garage sales.

FDA's Steve Silverman said, "And that's why we're telling people: if you see the device in a store or online, don't buy it. And if you have the device in your home, stop using it immediately and dispose of it in a way that keeps other people from using it."

The FDA says it's the design of the device that could make it dangerous.  

A Florida doctor was just 37 last Christmas Eve when she used the neck massager, which ensnared a necklace she was wearing, and choked her to death.  There have been other cases of near-strangling associated with the device.

Again, it's called the Shoulder Flex Massager, and the FDA says if you have it...get rid of it.

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