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Girl Scouts Ship Handmade Presents to Iraq

A local girl scout troop ships 1,800 dolls to kids in Iraq.

As everyone knows, after any war, when the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines have completed their major objectives, there's still one more group to call.

"Just keep singing, singing, singing." -- the Girl Scouts.

"We're getting our bronze award. It's a pretty big deal," said Sarah Ryeurn.

Their mission: let the children of Iraq know they're not alone.

"I saw them, felt bad, and wanted them to have a friend," said Sarah Jo Lambert.

After watching the news one night, Sarah Jo had the idea of sending a homemade doll to a girl in Iraq. When she told her friends, they jumped on board, until Girl Scout Troop 446 became a rag doll factory.

"See, some over there are stuffing, some are cutting and sewing. It's sort of a slow process, but we'll get them done," she said.

Their determination resolute, their enthusiasm infectious, a few weeks later, the Brownies arrived with their own creations.

"Thank you," said the Girl Scouts collectively.

The progress unstoppable, a briefing was sent to headquarters.

"We told the Girl Scouts, and they put it on their internet site," said Sarah Jo.

The call to arms -- and legs, and dresses was answered. Reinforcements arrived from all over the country.

"And it's just grown," said Sarah Jo.

Rag dolls elevated to a new level of purpose, each one dressed in diplomacy.

"Well, the dresses can't have any cartoons on them because that might be seen as American, and we don't want to offend anyone," she said.

Two and a half months later, 1,800 dolls were being loaded for Iraq.

"I'm walking backwards, watch me okay?" said a girl loading a box.

"What we're hoping is that the little girl who gets the doll will have a friend from the other side of the world that they might not get a chance to have," said Sarah.

So much is taken in war: lives, money, hope, sanity.

Maybe that's why Girl Scout troop 446 is so effective. Four foot commandos of hope, giving themselves. All that hard work and you're going to give them all away?

"Yeah, but for a good reason," she said.

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