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Lubbock City Council meeting sets new record, only 11 seconds


It might not go down in the world history books as any kind of great accomplishment but Lubbock set a new city record on Thursday.  The City Council meeting lasted 11 seconds.  The previous record for shortest City Council meeting was 43 seconds.

Council met just long enough to officially accept a state grant. 

"It feels like we just broke the 4-minute mile barrier," says Councilman Paul Beane.  "Nobody thought it could be done."

Normally Council meetings are known for being long, drawn out, and, perhaps just a tiny bit boring.

The new record, of course, is set during Tom Martin's term as Mayor.  The previous record was under former Mayor Marc McDougal.   

"The mayor cheated," says McDougal, "because he didn't wait for all seven members of the Council."

Martin responds, saying, "Hey, we start the meeting at 1 PM.  If you ain't there that's not our problem."

Martin, who was Council Member for District 5 when McDougal was Mayor, says McDougal couldn't have held the previous record in the first place without his help.

McDougal also says jokingly, "Tell him I'm gonna run [for Mayor] again because I'm gonna reset the record."

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