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Let paramedics come to you first

A surprising number of heart attack patients drive themselves to the hospital -instead of calling 9-1-1. That's according to a study at Baylor Medical Center, which found half of all the patients with heart attacks didn't call an ambulance, but instead got in a car to go to the hospital.  Later, each explained that either they were in denial, or just too embarrassed to call for help.

Here's what you need to know. In Lubbock, when you call 9-1-1, you get UMC-EMS.  They want you to know that technology today is working in your favor when paramedics get to you first.

UMC's Greg Bruce said, "UMC EMS response times are less than five minutes. We feel getting the paramedics to the patient in the field allows an opportunity to begin treatment, and determination on the patients care long before they arrive to the emergency room."

Today, paramedics can even send an EKG from the scene, which diagnoses the heart attack before the patient arrives at the hospital.  Therefore, doctors can be waiting in the Cath lab -ready to open a blocked artery when the patient arrives.

Another reason you shouldn't drive yourself to the hospital is because you could pass out behind the wheel and crash.

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