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Lubbock kindergartner wanders off elementary campus

A Lubbock elementary is re-looking at their safety and procedure policies for students after a kindergartener wandered off campus for several minutes on Monday.

LISD officials say the boy was sitting in class at Wolffarth Elementary when he asked his teacher to go to the bathroom. Several minutes later the teacher noticed the boy hadn't returned so she went looking for him in the bathroom but he wasn't there.

"She radioed for other school personnel and they looked within the building. They then spilled their search onto the campus," said Nancy Sharp LISD spokesperson.

As the staff began looking for the boy outside, a police officer arrived with the missing kindergartener. A Sudden Link technician, Ricky Calvo, was working about a block away and found the boy wandering along Emery Avenue.

"Ricky was on his route in the afternoon and a small child looked upset and was just wandering down the road. He pulled over and asked if he needed help," said Brian Brothwick, Sudden Link business operations director.

Calvo then called the police and waited with the boy until they arrived to take the boy back to Wolffarth Elementary.

"Parents were notified immediately. The father came in the next morning for a follow up conversation with the principal and teacher. Then yesterday we did training with staff and faculty at the school just reviewing all the safety and procedures for students," said Sharp.

Sharp says the boy was just trying to walk home. She says it's uncommon for students to leave campus however it's not uncommon for a kindergartener who has only been in school for a few weeks to get homesick.

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