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Mother Speaks About the Life of Her Daughter After Fatal Shooting

Faced with the unimaginable task of burying her daughter, Sharon Hinton spared a few minutes Monday night to let the public know who her daughter, Michelle, was.

"We saw each other every day. Personality that just lit a room. Michelle was a happy kind, but let me tell you she was also a pistol."

"That picture of her on the beach, she was about two. She wanted to do things her way,and if she had to get punished, timeout, or a little quick swat on the bottom, she would say, 'That didn't hurt."

"She celebrated life and everybody saw it. Her eyes. I wish that you could all see her eyes because her eyes were such a window to her soul. They were the most beautiful blue eyes you ever saw, and you can see every expression of love or anger or frustration through those eyes."

"She went to Lubbock Christian College. She was Dean's list. She was going for pre-vet. She wanted to be a veterinarian."

"Looking at her, you see this delicate, beautiful woman that you would think liked bunny rabbits, but no; snakes, then turtles, and anything out of the ordinary, horny toads! She just, she just loved, she loved life."

"So it's going to be hard to let her go, but even like I told you, with all the people that have given us comments about how she touched their lives, she's going to live on. She's just made such a big difference in people's lives, for the positive."

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