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Red Cross Champion Lorenzo School teacher Sandy Carr

For Lorenzo Special Education teacher Sandy Carr, the morning of Thursday, September 30th began like any other day in her classroom.

"We had some students in adjacent classrooms, and some kids from other classes in there"

That's when one of her teaching assistants began yelling for help. Student Xavi Espinoza was on the floor having a seizure.

"He's never had a seizure, so it was a big surprise for us." She recently received a refresher course on CPR, Carr quickly sprung into action.

"I just got down there with him and made sure everything was out of his way,"says Carr.

The seizure eventually stopped, but so did Xavi's breathing.

The quick actions of Sandy would save Xavi's life. "And nothing was happening, so I leaned down there and put my face close to his to see if I could feel anything. I was watching for his chest to move, but nothing was happening"

So Carr and one of her assistants began CPR, while another assistant called 9-11.

Carr says, "It's almost like there's nothing in your brain, and all you can think, is do I know what to do?" Carr took over the 9-11 call, and directed the other assistant to take over CPR and they kept it up until emergency crews arrived.

Xavi was flown to the hospital and eventually recovered, and is doing well. Carr says she and her teaching assistants will never forget the event and count their blessings they knew what to do.

"It wasn't about being a hero, and I think that's the way most people who are in this situation think"

A situation that Carr hopes never happens again in her classroom, but if it does, she and her students are prepared.

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