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More information about why some pregnancies end in miscarriage

A new study of 47,000 women has found one more piece of the puzzle as to why some pregnancies end in miscarriage.   It involves some big names at the pharmacy.

The study out today says some of the most popular over the counter pain relievers, Ibuprofen's- like Motrin and Advil.  Also Naproxens- like Aleve could be a concern during early pregnancy.

The study from the University of Montreal finds that when taken in the first 20 weeks, the drugs may more than double the risk of miscarriage.

"The studies that we do in pregnant women are certainly not to alarm women, it's to give more information to help women and prescribers --physicians-- to gain better knowledge of what's happening with medication use in pregnancy," said researcher Dr. Anick Bernard.

Dr. Alan Fleischman said, "I think this is an important study. It is confirmatory. There has been other evidence that there are concerns with these kinds of drugs."

The drugs already carry a warning against using late in pregnancy, so the experts say this just reinforces the need for pregnant women to consult their doctor before taking any medication if they are pregnant, or even trying to get pregnant.

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