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Former security officer claims police officers "beat him"

A former contracted U.S. Marshall is suing two Lubbock police officers for excessive force that led to him being taken by ambulance to the hospital. He claims the two officers entered his home without permission and then became extremely aggressive after responding to a dispute.

It all happened back in July of 2009 when a dispute started between Robert Campbell, 63 at the time, and two of his neighbors. Campbell's fiancé called police after the neighbors continued to yell and scream at Campbell for refusing to help them move a car because of his bad back.

Officers Jeffery Simpson and Clinton Lewis responded to the dispute and Campbell says he spoke to the officers for a few minutes before they went to go speak to the neighbors.

"I told my fiancé that I'm going to bed, I'm tired of this. I went and got my gun out of the truck and put it in the bedroom because I don't leave it in the truck at night," said Campbell.

Campbell says Officer Simpson, then came back and demanded identification. "I said It's in the house, I'll go get it for him," said Campbell, demonstrating he was backing into the house so the officer couldn't see the gun tucked in the back of his pants.

"He said well I'm coming in with you. I said no sir you're not welcome in my house. I kept backing inside the house and he kept walking in," said Campbell.

According to statements given by Campbell and the officers, Campbell backed up to the kitchen table and laid his pistol down and then walked forward. "He [Simpson] grabbed me and started screaming gun, gun," said Campbell.

Statements from the officers say they tried to handcuff Campbell but he resisted, and threw his beer on one of the officers. Campbell was then wrestled to the ground.

"I then wrapped my right forearm around Campbell's neck to immobilize him. At this point he punched me in the chin area with his right closed fist," read the report given by Officer Lewis. "I then delivered two blows to the right side of his face with my right closed fist. After striking he laid on the floor with his arms to his sides."

Lewis' police statement goes on to say: "I stood up… and I observed Campbell attempting to get up off the floor. I was very exhausted at this point and drew my LPD issued taser from the hostler."

The officer then tased Campbell, and after a few minutes tased him again saying he was trying to get up for a second time.

Campbell admits to drinking that night and throwing his beer on the officer, but says after he was taken down he doesn't remember anything.

Campbell was taken by ambulance to UMC where a medical report shows he had fractures to his nose, a concussion and a laceration to the back of his head.

He was arrested in the hospital, but all charges against Campbell including evading arrest, assault on a public officer, resisting arrest and unlawful carry by a licensed holder, were all dismissed.

"I didn't do anything wrong. If I did why didn't they prosecute me? Why aren't I in prison right now for hitting a cop? They beat me," said Campbell.

Campbell has filed for the lawsuit, and while it is still ongoing the Lubbock Police Department says they cannot comment.

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