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Ankle Arthritis Seminar is this Thursday

It's not as common as arthritis in the knee or hip, but ankle arthritis is a continued pain for about five million people in this country. Unlike the other joints, foot and ankle specialists, like Dr. Kenneth Stephenson, will tell you ankle arthritis is not as much a problem that comes with age.  It goes along more with activity.

Dr. Stephenson said, "The number one cause is trauma from an ankle fracture or an ankle sprain. The other thing unique about ankle arthritis is that the patient tends to be a little bit younger. We see patients 35, 45, 50 age range presenting with symptomatic ankle arthritis."

Dr. Stephenson and two other orthopedic surgeons are holding an ankle arthritis seminar to answer your questions this Thursday at 6:00 at North Star Surgical Center. For more information, call 797-9762.

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