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New Release, Same Old Reaction From Chicks' Fans

In March, Lubbock native Natalie Maines told a London audience the Dixie Chicks are ashamed President Bush is from Texas. Now eight months later, the release of the Dixie Chick's new album is sparking interest in whether or not Natalie's comments have caused a dent in their CD sales.

They are one of the best selling music groups in the world. But with anti-Bush comments made by Natalie Maines in March, album sales in Lubbock may be affected. Vann Holstein, music manager at Hastings on 50th & Slide said that making comments on the president during times of war really tries on people's patience and their decision on whether or not to purchase CDs

In fact, with the release of their new album, Dixie Chicks Live, sales are already slow. Vann said that he never thought that Natalie's comment would adversely effect CD sales but he's seeing it clearly with this cd and it's probably the worst he has ever seen. Despite the fact that Hastings ordered over 300 copies of the new Dixie Chick's Live, they have sold only three copies since Friday.

And Ralph's Records isn't doing any better. Larry Thompson, owner of Ralph's Records on University said that they haven't sold one of the new CDs or one of the new DVD's that came out as well. But with the holidays just around the corner, things may change. He says that their CD will sell anyway because they're really popular and that their sales outside the United State are pretty strong right now.

But in Lubbock, Texas...Larry says that they are not selling in his store right now. Even though some fans aren't buying the new CD, they are still supporting the Chicks. Heath Gary, loyal fan, says that he doesn't think people should stop listening to their music because of their comments, if people liked their music before, they should still like it now.

NewsChannel 11 contacted all of the Lubbock country music stations... some declined comment while others said they would not promote the Chicks' new album because there are were no new singles on it.

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