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New Age-Erasing Alternative

Botox treatments continue to rank among the most popular procedures for those who want to erase fine lines, but a new wrinkle eraser may soon steal the spotlight.

In a new procedure called Thermage, a radio frequency wand tightens skin. It's kind of like cooking the bacon cooks, it shrinks. Similarly, Thermage zaps the skin with radio frequency to heat the collagen beneath the skin, causing it to shrink.

According to Dr. Adam Stein, a facial plastic surgeon, "your body then responds by healing the collagen by laying down new collagen that's fresher and more resilient."

So the benefit here is there are no incisions, no stitches, but patients need to know that they will have a few days of swelling and the results are not immediate. The skin-tightening effects may take anywhere from 3-6 months to appear.

So how long does it last? Well, this procedure is so new that the verdict is still out on that one, but Dr. Stein says this procedure lasts anywhere from several months to years.

Another concern is the price. A full Thermage face job can cost a few thousand dollars.

To learn more about Thermage,(click here).

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