Tuberville, Gillispie talk about future of Big 12

Billy Gillispie (left)
Billy Gillispie (left)

Everyone in the college sports community seems to be talking. With so many rumors swirling about conference realignment and the Big 12 it's hard not to. However, we hadn't heard much from the coaches themselves about how this conference-in-flux affects them, their teams, or their recruitment until Wednesday.

"I think it hurts [recruiting] just not knowing what's going on, I'm sure there's a hundred different rumors every single day," said first year Texas Tech basketball coach Billy Gillispie. "The reason we're involved with some really good players is because they trust us, so we address it with those guys."

However, Red Raider football coach Tommy Tuberville said he hadn't heard much talk about conferences from recruits on the football side.

"It's really not a problem," said the second year head coach. "We just have to see how it shakes out. We hope everything stays as-is if we keep our fingers crossed."

"You hear things go back and forth but we're not privy to a lot of that information. The presidents are taking care of that, but it sounds pretty shaky right now."

The Big 12 may be on the verge of crumbling, with Texas A&M and Oklahoma voicing their willingness to explore moves to other conferences, but Tuberville and Gillispie both hope the Big 12 will find a way to stay together.

"That's all conjecture, everyone's talking," Tuberville said. "I hope it all stays as-is, we've got a good conference."

"We'll see what happens for the future, but hopefully they'll be able to keep the Big 12 together," said Gillispie. " It's the best conference in the country, it will be the best basketball conference in the country this year."

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