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HealthWise at 5 From 11.26

  • Alzheimer's Detection

A peek inside the brain may help doctors find Alzheimer's Disease even before symptoms appear. For two years, New York University researchers have been using MRI Scans to measure the brain volume of nearly 50 healthy volunteers over the age of 60. The technique was almost 90% accurate in predicting which of those folks would eventually develop memory problems. The MRI scans were used with a formula to measure a brain region linked with learning and memory. Researchers say they found that each year, the brain region shrank considerably more in people who developed memory problems compared with those who did not.

Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive illness that kills neurons in the brain, initially causing memory loss and eventually leading to dementia. The research is published in the journal Radiology.

  • Sleep Workout

A new study finds working out in the morning could help you get more sleep at night. Researchers compared the sleep quality of post-menopausal women who exercised with those who instead joined a program of stretching and relaxation techniques. They found the stretchers all had less trouble falling asleep after three months on the program. But the benefit of exercise depended on what time of day the women worked out. Women who worked out in the morning reported less trouble drifting off at night and better sleep quality. But women who exercised in the evening hours saw no change in their sleep habits. This study is published in the journal Sleep.

  • Thanksgiving Diet

If you're hoping turkey day doesn't blow your diet dietitian Brit Schuman says there are three things you can do to help when it comes to damage control.

Turkey Tips #1 - Don't Skip Breakfast First, she says on Thursday, eat a good breakfast, cereal or fruit, something light but healthy. She says don't skip breakfast to save some calories because you'll end up being so hungry by Thanksgiving dinner that you're setting yourself up to eat too much of your high calorie favorites.

Turkey Tips #2 - Choose White Meat Over Dark Then, when it's time for turkey, choose the white meat instead of the dark meat because the white meat is lower in saturated fat.

Turkey Tips #3 - Exercise Try to get some exercise before and after the meal. A morning and an afternoon walk can help you burn calories.

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