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Dishing Out A Big Feast

Praters has been in business for 50 years, so you can imagine how much food they've dished out. And inside their market, you can pick and choose what you want to eat. Everything from stuffing to the star of the thanksgiving table, the turkey, but there's more you haven't seen.

It's really hard to tell if more people are shying away from cooking their own thanksgiving meal this year. But, I found a few who are. "I'm not really big on spending too much time in the kitchen, so this is really great for me," said Paulette Stewart, first time Praters customer.

Actually, I found more than a few buying large packs of Prater's special occasion dinners. Eighty percent of Prater's business is during the holidays, and they have to start preparing as early as June. General Manager Venny Cousatte showed us what goes into on this packing and it's unbelievable!

"Immediately you see assembly lines, a large mixing bowl of cranberry relish getting ready to be packaged. Containers with massive amounts of onions and celery for stuffing," Cousatte said.

"How many containers like this can your machines produce in an hour?" "Right now, they're running 40 to 45 per minute," Cousatte said.

"You work here everyday. You see what goes on behind the lines. If you could describe this to someone who doesn't get the opportunity to see would you describe this?" asked NewsChannel 11. "Well, if you go into grandmother's kitchen and explode that out about 100 times with all the noise included, that's what you have here," described Cousatte.

Praters food is popular during the holidays because it's already cooked. And all you really have to do is pop whatever you buy right into the oven.

Praters has sold 30,000 pounds of turkey, 22,800 pounds of dressing, 9,600 pounds of gravy for November alone. That's a lot of food to cook!

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