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Glad Press'n Seal: Does it Work?

Now if your family is like most, you tend to cook way too much food during the holiday season.  But with family coming over, you can send those leftovers home with them. And with the Glad Press'n Seal, that may make your job easier.

You've probably seen this amazing product advertised on television. Remember the hamburger trick? Apparently, this is a plastic wrap like no other...with a Griptex that seals tight to anything it touches. "It feels like a grocery bag. It has a sticky bottom."

First we took some petite quiches and wrapped them up. Press to seal...and viola...instant magic...the bag never breaks the seal.

Then we tried the hamburgers, and heavy ones too. We took two burger patties, placed them in the right spot, sealed it tight, and once again the Glad Press'n Seal proved itself.

Next we tested the strength of the Press'n Seal. It was able to hold a porcelain bowl. Not a bad showing.

And finally, the water trick. We filled up a cup with water and sure enough, it held strong. None of the water leaked out. All I can say is wow.

You better get yourself some before Thanksgiving, because this is a product you can't live without! The Glad Press'n Seal works and you can find it at all area grocery stores.

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