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A local doctor writes a book to discuss his kidnapping experience

Six years ago, the Dean of the Amarillo Health Sciences Center left this garage door open, and a gunman slipped into his house.  

He was kidnapped and taken on a wild ride at gunpoint. That included a stop at an ATM machine, and a quick return to his house to get all of his wife's jewelry.

Dr. Steven Berk survived the ordeal. He is now Dean of the Medical School here in Lubbock.  Dr. Berk has written a book about that terrifying day.  It's called "Anatomy of a Kidnapping."

Dr. Berk said, "I felt good that in the end; I survived. I tried to do everything right. I stayed calm. It was a very dangerous situation, but it was very bizarre. Nobody wants to be remembered as the kidnapped doctor.  That was a great story, and I shared it freely with everyone there, partly to tell them to keep their garage doors closed."

Dr. Berk tells the story of his relationship with the kidnapper -partly by remembering unique experiences as a doctor and a father.

Again, the book is called "Anatomy of a Kidnapping," and it should be available in local bookstores sometime next week.

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