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Lubbock students look back at 9/11 attacks ten years later

Back when the twin towers fell in New York students watched in silence in their classroom chairs. Ten years later students who were barely old enough to comprehend the magnitude of the attacks are looking back at the September 11th attacks through text books and class discussions.

"I don't think it really hit us, but then whenever I saw the people jumping out of the buildings… that's when I kind of realized what was going on," said Ruvinee Senadheera, a Lubbock High School junior who was only six at the time of the attacks.

Although the high school classes discuss the history, and economic and political impacts of the 9/11 attacks, teachers say very little has been written into the text books.

"It's mention briefly in the text books," said Todd Perry, Lubbock High School world history and government teacher. "From the social studies perspective, from the history perspective we're ten years separated from the actual event, but the ramifications of that event obviously are still with us, with two far as how we approach the entire thing it hasn't come to an end. That's also a tricky thing."

"Usually they start out trying to speak about it as if it were history, as if it was something that happened 100 years ago, but that emotion starts to creep through like how people were effected, where you were," said Josie Lawson, Lubbock High School junior.

Perry says a lot of the teaching of 9/11 has a lot to do with class discussions on what they remember and how it's impacted their lives.

Eventually those discussions of "what you remember" will come to an end as students who barely remember the events graduate from high school. Many of those students like Josie and Ruvinee say they'll never forget and will pass on what little memories they have for generations to come.

"One thing that I'm worried about is that people in the future will look at this event as how we look at past events because it's nothing more than a paragraph in a text book, I feel like that's an inaccurate representation of what it is because it has changed our country so much," said Josie.

"I feel that we're not really lucky, but I'm really glad that we remember because it's been a big part of our lives for the past ten years," said Ruvinee.

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