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Patterson jury shown photos of Harrelson's remains


Testimony began Tuesday in the murder trial for Mickey Patterson.  Patterson is accused of killing Kay Harrelson and Peggy Merimon, two employees who disappeared from the Lubbock State School in August 2006.

On Tuesday, jurors heard opening statements from the state and defense attorneys.  Defense attorneys told the jury the state has no physical evidence connecting Mickey Patterson to the murders. The Defense also mentioned that the Jury would eventually hear about cell phone tracking that was used on Patterson. 

"Just remember that cell phone tracking is not always accurate and your phone service does not always pick the cell tower nearest to you," Wardroup said.

There was very emotional testimony from Kay Harrelson's husband and Peggy Merimon's daughter, Natasha Davis.  Both spoke in detail about the morning of August 9th, 2006 when Peggy and Kay went missing.

"Over four years not knowing where she [Peggy] was, you just never know what to feel or what to think. Not a moment goes by that shes not with us," Davis said. The courtroom was at standing room only, filled with family and friends of the victims.

Afterward, testimony was given from Matt Patterson, who found Harrelson's body during a search.

"We found her in a burn ditch off the side of the road," Patterson said. 

Crime Scene Detective Garland Timms also took the stand and testified that he found several shotgun shells around the body.

"There was no sign of gunshot holes or stab wounds on the body. There was DNA under Mrs. Harrelson's finger nails, however it did not match Patterson," Timms said.

Jurors were shown graphic crime scene photos of Harrelson's decomposed body in a ditch. Detective Timms described the crime scene and how they collected evidence.

The most emotional and dramatic testimony came from State School employee Marisol Gonzalez, who is believed to be the last person to see the women alive before they left the State School.

Gonzalez took the stand and talked about what she saw on August 9th, 2006.

"I left for lunch and was walking about 5 or 6 feet behind them [Harrelson and Merimon]. Mrs. Harrelson got in the front passenger seat and Mrs. Merimon got in the backseat," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says she saw Patterson in the driver's seat and that he looked directly at her for a few seconds.

The D.A.'s office presented a photo of Patterson from 2006 and Gonzalez cried, "That's him. That's the man who took the women."

The defense believes Gonzalez did not see Patterson because she made a different statement to the State School in 2006.

"In the statement you [Gonzalez], said It was Mr. Fletcher in the car," Defense Attorney Rick Wardroup said.

Gonzalez denies the accuracy of the report filed by the State School investigator.

Harry Feldman, the lead detective on the case, said he interviewed Patterson about where he was at the time the women went missing.

"Mr. Patterson said he defecated in his pants, cleaned up, and then picked up a prostitute by the name of Rachel," Detective Feldman said.

Detectives searched Patterson's trailer on Aug. 11th, 2006. They say they found it to be unusually clean, but linens in Patterson's bedroom were found to have spots that appeared to be blood.

Forensics and homicide detectives are expected to testify on Wednesday.

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