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Consider This...City Budget Out of Whack

I'm beginning to think the controversy over Citibus routes and Health Department cuts were just a smoke screen for what our City Council did last week.

The 2011-2012 budget was passed and I'm willing to bet it includes the largest increase in taxes and fees in recent history.

Not that I'm for cutting Citibus routes or closing the Health Department, but at some point we have to stop letting these politicians put their hands in our pockets.

Consider this:

Out of control increases in garbage, water, and sewer  rates - Citibus rate hikes - and now there's talk of electric rate increases...

Hmmm, didn't they promise that a monopoly for LP&L would not mean a rate increase?

And all of that is on top of a tax hike increase passed last week. This sort of thing has me wondering if the philosopy in Washington hasn't rubbed off at Lubbock City Hall.  These folks - who we elected by the way - continue to help themselves to our bank acounts at a time when we are stilll having to cut our own personal budgets. That's just out of whack.

And yes, I can tell you where I'd start cutting at City Hall: the unrealistic two-for-one retirement match. It should be cut to a 50% match.  That would save the city over $15 million a year and would still be more than generous.

Listen! It's time City Hall start living in the real world and making the same kind of adjustments that taxpayers have to make.

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