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Man dies in Seminole store fire

Photo courtesy of the Seminole Sentinel Photo courtesy of the Seminole Sentinel

A Seminole man is dead and the community is grieving after he passed away from injuries he suffered during a fire at his shop early Wednesday morning.

Earnie Singleton, 68, owned and lived inside the Goldie's Antique Store in downtown Seminole.

Family and friends of Earnie Singleton boarded up his shop on Main Street after a fire destroyed the building early Wednesday.

The tragedy comes more than 20 years after Earnie's life changed forever.

"My dad was paralyzed in car accident 20 years ago, and when he was paralyzed he was considered quadriplegic," said his daughter Shalea Addison.

His family says Earnie never let his disability get in the way of caring for his 5 children, 13 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren.

"I love him forever and he'll always be in my heart," said his grandson Taylor Jaquez.

Taylor was with Earnie the night before the fire started.

"As I was leaving I was about to walk out the door, I just felt like I needed to hug him and kiss him before I left," Jaquez recalled.

His family says Earnie loved watching his grandsons play football. Even though he was in a wheelchair, he never failed to be at the top of stands cheering.

"He was always at the games and just an outstanding human being," said Seminole ISD superintendent Doug Harriman.

Earnie's family said officials believe the fire may have been caused by an electrical shortage. As authorities investigate, Earnie's family will try to move forward with Earnie on their mind and in their hearts.

"He's watching me," Jaquez said.

Harriman said it wasn't just his family that cherished Earnie.

"Earnie loved Seminole and Seminole loved Earnie," said Harriman.

We asked Addison what she would say to her father.

"I'd say daddy I hope you ditched that wheelchair at the door and I hope you're dancing in heaven," Addison said.

The family says they appreciate the hard work of Seminole first responders for trying to save Earnie's life.

Earnie's funeral will be Saturday at 10 a.m. at Family Harvest Church on the Andrews Highway.

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