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Forensic scientist says DNA samples do not match Patterson


Forensic scientist, Brett Hester, gave the jury details about DNA evidence on Day 3 of the Mickey Patterson trial, confirming that "there were no DNA matches to Patterson."

Investigators collected samples from 50 items, including cigarette butts, bed sheets, syringes and a pair of shorts and underwear that were found one mile from Kay Harrelson's body.

"Perhaps it was due to the elements, or rain may have washed away the DNA," Hester said.

The feces in the underwear was sent to the FBI for testing but the jury has not yet heard the results. Patterson says he defecated in his pants on the day Merimon and Harrelson went missing.

Evidence was compared with samples from Patterson, both victims, a friend of Patterson's named Lee Sinclair, and three men Harrelson is believed to have had affairs with in the years prior to her murder.

Investigators recovered a partial DNA sample from shorts found a mile from Harrelson's body, but that DNA was not consistent with the DNA of Patterson, Harrelson, or Merimon.

A bed sheet found on Patterson's bed tested positive for blood but the blood did not match either of the victims.

Scrapings taken from under Kay Harrelson's nails produced Harrelson's own DNA mixed with the DNA of a partial male profile.

"Patterson was excluded as a match to the male profile we found under Harrelson's nails," Hester said.

Cigarette butts were taken from Patterson's home and vehicle. The cigarette butts matched a male profile, but none of them matched the DNA of Patterson or the victims.

"They matched a male profile but it was not consistent with Patterson's DNA," Hester said.

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