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Tongue Splitting Is New Trend

The latest trend in body piercing may be a little rough on the eyes and hard to stomach. Tattoo artist Alex Velez began with spikes coming out of his head but now for an added effect, he has had his tongue cut down the middle, essentially splitting it in two. He says many people ask why and he tells them because you only live once.

Alex says tongue splitting is the newest way to be different but is it safe? The New York College of Dentistry says no. Dr. Robert Glickman. Oral Surgeon says that the worst case scenario would be an uncontrollable bleed during the procedure or post operative swelling of the tongue which would a obstruct the airway.

Dr. Glickman explains that piercers are using a scalpel to split the tongue for about $250.00. Then the customer goes home to heal, which takes about a month assuming there are no complications, which there could be. So what happens after you get tired of the forked tongue look? Dr. Glickman says this one is not as easy to grow back. So, your tongue could be permanently sliced. That's why New York State is one of the first nationwide to consider a bill to ban tongue splitting unless its performed by an oral surgeon.

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