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Cheddars Restaurant releases statement about Hepatitis A scare

The following is a statement emailed to KCBD NewsChannel 11, from Sara Hundley with Cheddars.
•Cheddar's Restaurant has the very highest food quality and safety standards and has served Lubbock for 14 years without a single food safety incident.
•Recently, a person who worked as a Cheddar's server was diagnosed with hepatitis A. This person did not work in food production and no longer works for Cheddar's and has not since September 8, 2011.
•Cheddar's is taking several precautionary steps to assure Guests that our food quality & safety standards remain in full force.
–Cheddar's has doubled its focus on an already strict hand washing procedure for all employees.
–Cheddar's is having its employees tested to ensure that all current employees are healthy and safe to serve.
–Cheddar's will test all newly hired employees prior to their working in the restaurant.
•Cheddar's is working directly with City officials:
–Health Officials have said that August 31 - Sept. 8th  was the only period of potential exposure.
–The city also said the incident has been traced to the employee and not to the restaurant itself.
–Public Health Officials said "they do not expect anyone to have contacted the virus."
•Cheddar's maintains the very highest food quality & safety standards. It is steadfastly committed to caring for it's guests and serving handmade quality food & service as it has in Lubbock for the past 14 years.
-Sara Hundley, Cheddars
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