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Consider this...Feedback: Fees and Retirement Match

The people that agree with me about outrageous city fees are the folks that have to pay them. The people that disagree with me are the folks that are imposing them.

Predictable. And likewise, taxpayers, by in large, are against the unrealistic 2 for 1 retirement match for city employees. City employees are obviously in favor of it.

Here's some of that feedback:

"I agree with everything Dan said, and I am glad that someone is taking a stand. People are having a hard enough time feeding their family."

"I think (they are) the biggest bunch of crooks at the city. They are robbing us blind. We need to vote the whole bunch out and get someone that cares.

"We need a vote on every single issue or they will just do whatever they want whenever they want."

"Don't take my 2 for 1 one away sir I am not a politician but the guy that is going to be out there restoring power in the storm while you all kick back and complain!"

And finally:

"Lubbock needs to wake up and clean house the next election."

Consider This:

Not sure what else City Council needs to hear before they take control and impose the will of the people. And don't give me this bull about city services suffering.

We've all cut our personal budgets to meet hard times, and somehow most of us manage to feed our families and get to work every day. City government should do exactly the same.

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