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Lubbock Salvation Army returns from Bastrop relief efforts


Lubbock's Salvation Army captain was in Bastrop once the fires were put out and folks were allowed to return to where their homes once stood.

Morton said people looked through what was left, trying to salvage any memory they could.

"We were able to minister to them as they're shifting through the ashes looking for anything that's left over. We found little kids pulling out necklaces where their mom said, ‘this is where the bedroom was,'" Morton said.

In their darkest hour the Salvation Army was able to provide victims support with the help of their one-of-a-kind vehicle.

The unit houses food, supplies, and other necessities. Morton says it's unique because it sits atop a truck that allows responders to enter devastated neighborhoods that aren't as accessible to other Salvation Army vehicles.

As they passed out items and prayed with victims, they were moved by the people they spoke to.

"The lady said, ‘I don't know what's worse, losing everything I've got in my home or losing my church. I don't know how they're going to have church on Sunday. There's nothing there but something's got to be done. I have to go praise and worship God,'" Morton recalled. 

Morton was moved when the pastor of the destroyed church was given a gazebo for an outdoor worship service. 

During his time in Bastrop, Morton also worked in a building that distributed clothes and toiletries to people in need. 

Right now, Morton says the area needs monetary donations more than anything. According to Morton 100 percent of donations to the Salvation Army for the Bastrop fires go to the victims. 

You can help donate by (CLICKING_HERE).

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