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Possible Changes on the Way for LISD

Lubbock school officials confirm they will meet next Thursday to discuss possible changes within the Lubbock Independent School District (LISD). School board members will discuss two main things: changing grade configurations and building two new elementary schools in areas where Lubbock is growing.

LISD Superintendent, Wayne Havens, describes the district's current grade configuration as out-dated. He says, "I like to use the example: we're all familiar with the Indianapolis 500 and the quality and technology involved in those vehicles. Well, Lubbock is running the Indianapolis 500 in the Model T."

Havens says the school board is scheduled to discuss an update in the way the district circles the track.

  • First, the elementary level would change from kindergarten through 6th grade to kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • Next, LISD would move to the middle school structure of sixth through eighth grade.
  • Last but not least, ninth graders would join the high school campus.

There are numerous reasons school officials think the changes would be good for our kids, including standardized testing and completion rate issues, but most importantly, Havens says it gives students an advantage. "Students at the upper end in 9th grade, many could take advanced classes, but they can't do that on the junior high campus."

The school board will also discuss the possibility of two new elementary schools. Officials say in areas of growth, certain school buildings are at capacity. The schools would be built years from now, but if approved it would mean a bond election for the city. Havens says, "To keep the level of our buildings, to keep the level of our programs, we're going to have to have bond programs. Our community has been very supportive of that."

Discussions on the proposed changes are in the very initial stages. If board members do eventually approve them, they are not expected to take effect until 2006 or 2007.

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