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Construction of the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial Nears Completion

The Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial started more than two years ago with an idea. But that idea has steadily become a reality. After a year of construction, workers say it looks better than anyone expected but completion is still hours away.

Workers are pushing to get the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial ready for the big dedication on Sunday, December 7th.

Pounding out the final touches to the grounds and the great granite walls displaying the names of veterans etched in stone and forever to be remembered. "It's over two years in the making and you're just awed when you come out here and see it," says Denver Blanscett who is on the Board of Directors for the memorial.

With more than 11,000 names and 5,000 more on the way, workers say it's an honor to build such a powerful structure. "We've had so many people come out and express to is their appreciation for what we're doing out here and that's what means so much to me," says John Oakley with Pharr Construction.

Navy Veteran Ralph Lemmeyer says Lubbock's waited long enough to have a special place to remember Veterans. It's so special to him, it's hard to stay away. "I'm out here everyday if not twice a day if not three," says Lemmeyer.

His name can be found at the top of one of the brick walls along with thousands of his fellow servicemen. "It's an honor to see something like this and to have my name on it and a lot of names that I know," says Lemmeyer.

Another name to be added belongs to Abraham Tajerina. "I served in the U.S. Army, Fort Seal Oklahoma. I was in Germany," says Tajerina. He's come today to purchase a last minute brick, adding his name to the impressive structure. "It's great. Lubbock's grown and this is something that will represent our city," says Tajerina.

You can get your first look at the memorial Saturday night at a candlelight vigil beginning at 6:30, and the dedication ceremony will be Sunday at 2 p.m.

You can still purchase a brick if you haven't already, you can call the American Legion at (806) 794-9006.

Parking Information

If you're planning to go to this weekend's candlelight vigil or dedication, there are a few things you need to know. Nashville between 82nd and 84th will be closed both days, as well as 84th street between Nashville and Orlando.

There are a few parking spaces close to the memorial. Park and ride services will be available at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church at 95th and Indiana, Lakeridge Methodist Church at 4701 82nd street, and Southcrest Baptist Church at 3801 S. Loop 289.

On Saturday, park and ride will start at 5:30 p.m. and Noon on Sunday.

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