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Perry once again taking heat in GOP debate

Photo Credit: Courtesy of FNC Photo Credit: Courtesy of FNC

Republican candidates squared off in Florida Thursday evening for another GOP debate. Like the last debate, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry took most of the spotlight.

Perry and Romney once again accused the other of inconsistencies on previously stated or written positions.

Romney kept up his attack on Perry's criticisms of the Social Security program.

Perry also took barbs from other candidates over his support for in-state tuition rates in Texas for illegal immigrant students. 

Representative Michele Bachmann restated her objection to the Texas Governor's PPV vaccination policy by stating, "Because Governor Perry made a decision where he gave parental rights to a big drug company. That big drug company gave him campaign contributions, and hired his former chief of staff to lobby him to benefit the big drug company. That's what was wrong with that picture."

While Perry took most of the heat, New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson saved his criticism for President Obama. "My next-door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration."

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